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Massimo Squillace

Massimo Squillace

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I love to shoot twilight landscapes and am more than willing to forgo sleeping, and travel alone for hours in the darkness, just to be ready and capture a worthy image. I also spend what little free time I have refining my post-processing skills, and only select my very best results for display on 500px, where they invariably get about as much attention as a white crayon.
  • Nikon bodies + Sony FF mirrorless
  • Nikkor, Contax, Zeiss, Canon, Olympus lenses
  • Gitzo GT3541XLS Systematic 6X Carbon Fiber

My comment to an interesting blog entry by Zack...

Published December 29th, 2011

"HOW MUCH PHOTOSHOP IS ACCEPTABLE IN LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY?" is a very interesting write-up by Zack Schnepf you can find here: .

It stimulated an interesting flow of comments, and I decided to make a backup copy of mine here, for future reference.


Great article and discussion.

I’ve been keen on photography for decades and believe to have a good grasp of camera technique but invariably, when first looking at the results of a photo session in the tranquility of my home, I am disappointed – this is NOT what I saw, and nowhere near what I felt while standing there. And I am sure most of you routinely feel the same.

That said, it’s only natural I always struggled in the darkroom to extract my vision from the raw material at hand, and the recent move to digital (to which I resisted at first, being quite fond of view camera movements and shooting philosophy) was mostly motivated by the enhanced post-processing options ...

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A lot of effort and little (if any) returns

Published December 5th, 2011

I am baffled at the response I (do not) get from my submissions to 500px.

Admittedly I am not particularly fond of, and to even a lesser extent an expert of social networking - I was forced by a friend to join Facebook but do not like the interface and do not partecipate, even when I receive non-solicited "friend requests".

I am very keen on photography though, and was drawn to 500px by the nice interface and the narrow scope of subject matter, welcoming the opportunity to receive feedback from a most diverse audience.

As a consequence, I started a very selective process of reworking my preferred images in order for them to display at their best in my gallery, and as I post a new one I am always eagerly anticipating peer response - not necessarily enthusiastic but hopefully constructive.

Invariably though such response is warm at best, mostly one-liners that do not help me in any way to improve my skills or to understand I am on the right (wrong?) track.

I am following a number of ...

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