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Massimo Squillace

Massimo Squillace

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A lifelong passion for photography and a career in Information Technology blended nicely when at last a computer allowed Massimo to post-process his scanned or digital captures in a satisfactory way. He shoots landscapes at the edges of day and to date has kept the results largely for himself, for his family and close friends. As an experiment, he enabled the store on 500px to try and sell his work, but his images got about as much attention as a white crayon.

My comment to an interesting blog entry by Zack...

Published December 29th, 2011

"HOW MUCH PHOTOSHOP IS ACCEPTABLE IN LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY?" is a very interesting write-up by Zack Schnepf you can find here: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/PhotoCascadiaBlog/~3/Vh6Fu1FwXFI/ .

It stimulated an interesting flow of comments, and I decided to make a backup copy of mine here, for future reference.


Great article and discussion.

I’ve been keen on photography for decades and believe to have a good grasp of camera technique but invariably, when first looking at the results of a photo session in the tranquility of my home, I am disappointed – this is NOT what I saw, and nowhere near what I felt while standing there. And I am sure most of you routinely feel the same.

That said, it’s only natural I always struggled in the darkroom to extract my vision from the raw material at hand, and the recent move to digital (to which I resisted at first, being quite fond of view camera movements and shooting philosophy) was mostly motivated by the enhanced post-processing options ...

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A lot of effort and little (if any) returns

Published December 5th, 2011

I am baffled at the response I (do not) get from my submissions to 500px.

Admittedly I am not particularly fond of, and to even a lesser extent an expert of social networking - I was forced by a friend to join Facebook but do not like the interface and do not partecipate, even when I receive non-solicited "friend requests".

I am very keen on photography though, and was drawn to 500px by the nice interface and the narrow scope of subject matter, welcoming the opportunity to receive feedback from a most diverse audience.

As a consequence, I started a very selective process of reworking my preferred images in order for them to display at their best in my gallery, and as I post a new one I am always eagerly anticipating peer response - not necessarily enthusiastic but hopefully constructive.

Invariably though such response is warm at best, mostly one-liners that do not help me in any way to improve my skills or to understand I am on the right (wrong?) track.

I am following a number of ...

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