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Mathieu Rivrin

Mathieu Rivrin



Born 26 years ago in Brest in Brittany, I started photography during my studies in Grenoble in 2011 with landscapes and seascapes when i came back to Brest. My favourite subjects are every landscapes with water and more particulary landscapes with lighthouses. Lighthouses are such an amazing building and more especially just after the sunset or just before the sunrise during the blue hour. I now live in Paris but i hope to come back in Brittany in the next years. I would like to develop my vision of landscapes in countries in south america, africa or asia without any people or human buildings. A trip in Iceland in 2016 was a revelation for me and i would like to live in harmony with Nature and photography sometimes its power like volcanoes or huge waves (I flew in 150km/h wind during the storm Ruzica in February 2016 and that was incredible) , sometimes its calm and tranquility (the Alps for example is for me the perfect landscapes for dream and live in harmony with Nature). I created with 5 breton photographers the collective Breizhscapes, specialized in landscapes which has edited its first book in 2015.
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