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Matt Anderson

Matt Anderson



I'm a commercial photographer, trainer, workflow specialist, and consultant from the Midwest. Capture to distribution, print to web, and everything in-between, this is my specialty. My passion is everything Photography, Arts, and Travel. Photography, for me, is a mixed bag of juxtaposing ideals and intent. My photographic imagery is a study and exploration, more so an experience into creative pursuits that provide unending joy, passion, and healing. Traveling, meeting & listening to people, experiencing new locations and cultures. Enlightenment through adventure, and discernment by re-evaluating possible jejune prejudice of how I thought the “world” “is” or exists. Experience happens to be the best mentor for me. What do I attempt to communicate with my photography ? I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t partially motivated by impressionable validation. Additionally, while the capture stage is “experiencing & humble learning” based, post processing (development) is incessantly deliberate in intention and temper. Again, the final creation will never have a tangible and regimented recipe; a juxtaposed outcome based on memory, mood, emotion, intention, and predilection. Contact: matt@commercialfineart.com
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