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A welsh tern colony

Published August 24th, 2011

Last month I spent a few days in North Wales; my old hunting ground. The aim of the trip was to catch up with family but I made sure I packed the camera and on the second day of the trip managed to get out to a tern colony on the island of Anglesey. Light was good with very thin whispy white cloud so conditions for capturing flight shots of white birds appeared promising. After studying the bird's movements as they left the colony, headed out to sea and returned with fish, I positioned myself in a suitable position to capture returning individuals with food. The session produced a number of images; of which this one was my favourite. This image can be seen in my portfolio.

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A new start........

Published August 17th, 2011

I've recently discovered this site and have to say I'm impressed by the layout/user interface, and blown away by the quality of many images on here; a very humbling and inspiring experience.

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