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Magnolia Plantation

Published March 29th, 2012

I don't really like doing "touristy" things when I travel. In fact, I abhor it. But on our last trip to Charleston my wife and I decided to go to Magnolia Plantation. It was actually pretty decent. One of the activities you can do there is a sort of tram ride around the property. Those types of things are typically horrible for photo opportunities, but I managed to snap this old pier on the Ashley River as we drove by.

I've been reading more lately about the pre-colonial history of the Americas, and the West Indies in particular. It turns out that many sugar barons from Barbados moved to the Charleston area and set up plantations outside of town. The Ashley River was a major thoroughfare for trade into the city. When I visit spots like this, it's fun to think of all that's happened there in the last two or three hundred years.

Ashley River Pier

Photography by Matt Mead

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