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Ai Hunter

Ai Hunter



I'm a Nomad, I don't have a valid passport or residence permit or any kind of identification at all, that's the reason I called myself Matters Somehow. I don't have a permanent home or place to stay due to my constant change of living. I don't own a high end camera or money to but it, I don't need money to live my life. No family, No friends, No girlfriend, No hotel, No hot water bath or a Dog, but only I own my bicycle, Samsung cheap phone & U5i, most of the photos comes from U5i. I have traveled 38 countries without visa or any kind of identification, that's my only profession. I can lie to anyone and they believe me that's only thing God has given me If (God excited only) So if you like this poor mother fucker who travel on bicycle please like & vote for my pictures but I don't like to edit any of it, it'll be as it is. I know most of photos doesn't mean anything but I see something that catches my eyes then I'll take a shot. I don't worry about most of the things in my life, so nothing matters to me if anyone wanted to reach me please email me on Thank you for reading, whoever interested in me please note currently I'm living in Thailand.

Mahsuri - White-Blooded Lady

Published November 15th, 2012

Mahsuri was a young woman who lived in Langkawi, Malaysia either during the 14th or 19th century. According to folklore, she was accused of adultery and executed by stabbing

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