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Matt Schutter

Matt Schutter



Matt Schutter born 1980 Southern California Husband, Father of 3, Friend, Artist, Surfer, Welder, Believer, to be con’t….... Spoken from within… I’m not claiming to be a photographer. You see, I may be exactly like you, or the complete antithesis- I’m not sure. But I do know that just like you- I have thoughts and emotions and the way I choose to express them is through pictures. Inside each one of us is an artist. This artist is manifested through what we are attracted to whether it be music, paintings, food, dance, sounds, or colors. We were designed this way for a good reason and if we weren’t, we would be identical robots. And that would be boring… Express your inner art! As for me- I love dark, it leaves room for light. Just how ugly has the greater capacity to make the smallest subject become beautiful, dark acts in the same manner. Some use light to expose a subject, I use it to create shadows and induce mystery. I don’t have a dream camera, but I wish I had a camera in some dreams. I craft realms of fantasy through the way I feel and I use color to bring out raw emotion. I am moved by modes of music that beat at tempos just above the average heart rate. And then, I create. People inspire me, and perhaps I may have done the same in return. It’s how it should be- an equilibrium of inspiration seesawing until perfect balance is achieved. I express my inner art through photography, where there are no differing levels. The only difference that does exist, however, rests in the way you and I perceive things. So, enjoy what you see…
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