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As far back as I can remember, I have always loved looking at pictures, hanging on the wall at home and in books.
When my children were small, someone gave me a 'Box Brownie' which I used for years recording our life. Various cheap cameras were then used until I became the proud owner of a Ricoh SLR and then a Cannon.
At this time I had a darkroom at home and hand printed and sepia toned my photographs.
Some exhibitions followed.
The digital revolution changed everything and I enjoyed getting to know the basics of editing in Photoshop.
I have continued to use Cannon and now take all my photographs in raw format , processing them in Lightroom with any further tweaking done in an old version of Photoshop.
My interests are anything to do with nature, landscapes, flowers, butterflies etc, but I also like old and historic architecture the still life genre and digital artistry.



  • Cannon 500D

clitheroe, Lancashire, UK

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