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Spring-Summer-Fall 2014

Published March 21st, 2014

Hello again :)

i don't know if any of you is reading this space, however let's write a little bit...

this year i'm going to shoot in A(aperture) mode, it might help me to produce more 'keepers'

my main subjects are still :

Birds / Animals / Macro / Flowers

Every kind of birds/animals i haven't seen before has got my priority

however i would like to get sharp-hiquility pictures of subjects i have already seen a lot

- Oystercatcher

- Eurasian Magpie (Pica Pica) in flight, wide open wings ( i love it )

- Greater spotted woodpecker (as close as possible, never been close enough)

- Swan babies (cygnets) + mom & dad

- Goldeneye + babies

- male Goldeneye in angry/warning/alarming posture

- Mallard with babies (ducklings)

- very close portrait (face only) of Blackheaded Gull & other Gulls

- extremely sharp & close image of Gull in flight

- some good old Crow

- MORE AND MORE BUTTERFLIES + DRAGONFLIES (last summer i had only a couple attempts

- some flowers with better technique

this is wh ...

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Lightroom and I...

Published June 12th, 2013

in a couple of days will upload 2 pics edited differently from before, i pay more attention to under and over exposed areas

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Preparing for the next months...

Published February 29th, 2012

I have been shooting with compact cameras (funds there are or there are not) for about 20-25 years and i started at around 9-10 years old, finally 1 year ago i jumped in and got a Nikon D7000 and 3 lenses (35mm, 105 macro and 70-300), now shall get a tripod (and head)... - it's not about gears ? -

well, i love Macro (at home or outside), i love Nature (i did love it even whitout cameras or tech at all, i biked a lot in the wild, i used to be a boyscout :-P, i grilled, i walked wild with my grandpa and father not looking for a destination, just enjoying).

Last authumn i have got a baby, wich took all my energies-time-quiet state of mind, and yes, Finland is quite a freezing and dark place (the beautiful side of it) i do love this country, yepps.

I have just bought a book about my dslr so that i can understand better this tool and learned the basics about HDR photographing, amazing (however i feel the tripod must join me) i am absolutely in love shooting birds and animals in general ( ...

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