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Maximilian & Christian Baeuchle

Maximilian... Baeuchle



Christian Baeuchle and Maximilian Baeuchle are two 20-years-old twins from Germany. They started with photography when they were 15 years old. At first they took photos with an older Bridge Camera of Sony. Then they changed to a Lumix FZ 50, which was great for them. They learned how to use aperture and exposure time and the photos got much better. In that time they were focused on landscape and animals. They both were / are autodidacts but they also read a lot about photography and were looking for inspiration. After taking photos for a certain time they had to realize that they were reaching their limits with the bridge cameras. So they decided to change to DSLRs of Nikon. Now the whole photography was open for them. After a short time their photos got better and the photography was making more fun than ever before. They took photos of different genres [architecture, landscapes, animals, and still-life]. But then they got more and more interested in fine art photography, both in black and white and in colour. Due to the goad capturing fine art images themselves, they tried the most different ways of taking photographs and edit them in various ways. Eventually they realized that tehy were on the right way. Nowadays their passion doesn’t decrease but it is getting stronger every day. “Photography is MORE than a hobby, more than a job; for us it is pure fascination, it’s a fervour, you can’t describe…a fruition during which you forget the sorrows; there’s only you and the motif.” Amongst others Christian’s and Maximilian’s works were honoured at the WPGA Pollux Awards 2010, the Epson International Pano Awards 2010, the 6th Black and White Spider Awards, the College Photography Awards, the International Aperture Awards 2010, the 2nd WPGA Black and White Awards, the Prix de la Photographie Paris 2011, the International Photography Awards 2011, the WPGA Pollux Awards 2011, the Epson International Pano Awards 2011; One highlight was the Epson International Pano Awards 2011, the biggest photography award honouring the art of panoramic photography. Christian was awarded as Overall Winner of the whole Amateur Section, at the age of 18 years! Furthermore Maximilian’s and Christian’s photos were published in magazines like the art-photography magazine BLUR Magazine and in books like Best of College Photography.

Success at the WPGA The Pollux Awards 2011

Published October 7th, 2011

Hello everybody,

we're proud to announce that we were successful at the July and the August sub-competition of WPGA The Pollux Awards 2011!!!

At the July competition Christian achieved

- the first place in Architecture

- the first place in Landscape/Seascape

- a Honorable Mention in FineArt

At the August competition Maximilian achieved

- the first place in Digital Manipulation

- the second place in Digital Manipulation

You can see our works and the other awarded photos by following the links:

July competition: http://www.thegalaawards.net/announcements/july-contest-pollux-awards

August competition: http://www.thegalaawards.net/announcements/august-contest-pollux-awards

Best regards, have a nice weekend!

Christian and Maximilian Baeuchle

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