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May Buendia

I DON’T BELIEVE in religion
really, not my thing
but i believe in God
and angels with wings.

I DON’T BELIEVE material stuffs
real joy they can bring
Happiness works from within
try to cherish simple things.

I DON’T WANT a sexy body
that’s for the insecure
Who has nothin to offer
and thought sex is the cure.

I WANT a sexy mind
so confident and cool
Get along with everyone
share oneself as a whole.

I DON’T NEED to be pretty
the model-types you can see
Fake personalities that so rampant
are all commercial beauty.

Stay bein simple
let my inner charm shine
Love me or hate me
either way, i’m fine.

I DON’T LIKE a man
who gives me his whole world
What I LIKE is an equal
who holds me ’til we’re old.

I DON’T LIKE constant attention
from friends and loved ones
My spirit need be free
please, try not to tie my hands.

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