What is your #mijnfoto?

Published April 17th, 2012

On my dutch language weblog, www.me4all.nl, I have a article where I ask photographers to send me the top 3 photographs they ever made. And to explain in 150words why number 1 is the number 1. Including a photo of them in action witch I can use on 500 x 300px. On twitter we use the hashtag #mijnfoto, this means "myphoto".

Because of the really awesome photos on this website I wanna ask you all to do the same, read the translation of my article / invitation below:

What I like about photography is that there are many types of photography, while also many photographers return their own style into it. Therefore it seems nice to provide an overview of different photographers and many different pictures. This assignment is for anyone who can shoot, as an amateur or professional, it does not matter! Anyone can take pictures so everyone can join!

#mijnfoto assignment

Choose three of your best photos from which you've ever made and put in 150 words why one of these for you is number 1.

Tell ...

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