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Melissa Richardson

Melissa Richardson



Random facts about me in the obligatory no-particular-order-of-importance. It's more than an intro but if it doesn't scare you away then you have great fortitude. :D 1) I'm a dork. After years of therapy (not really) and angst (only in high school) I now proudly own this fact. I even bought the T-shirt....okay, I don't have the T-shirt but I'm seriously considering it. 2) I speak Mandarin Chinese. Relatively fluently, although my accent when I speak it can only be described as rusty. Very rusty. 3) My girls are the center of my world. 4) I tend to try and run before I know how to walk, but I keep at it. 5) I love to read and wish I had more time for it. I love soccer, skiing, backpacking and crafting. 6) I consider my hair to be a toy. It changes color frequently. 7) I love to dance! But I stink at it so I save it for home where my awkwardness is only embarrassing to my girls--or will be when they are old enough to realize Mama isn't cool. 8 ) I am loyal. To a fault. This is something that has cut deeply both ways over the years but I guess it goes with the territory. 9) My favorite flowers are orchids. Any and all varieties. I also really adore lilies, irises, roses, and clematis. 10) I am *not* a morning person. I am very much a night owl. 11) I served 10 years in the Army. 12) I need a little bit of quiet, by myself "me time" each day to recharge, find inspiration, and stay sane. 13) I still get little thrills of anticipation and nerves before every single session with my clients. 14) I have a goal to get more pictures taken with me *in* them and with my family instead of always being only behind the camera. 15) I love watching Ninja Warrior. 16) I detest being called Missy. I much prefer Mel. 17) I have a serious smiley face emoticon addiction.

Too many blogs already!

Published December 1st, 2011

There is no way that I could do another blog here any justice. If you want to see what is going on with me please check me out at

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