Michael Gallimore

Michael Gallimore



Michael Gallimore is a photographer who's work is influenced by Dark, Alternative and Gothic imagery which tells a story. Working up to this point as an amateur/hobbyist, photographer Michael is now poised to take his craft to a higher level. He continues to find inspiration through music, books, films and every day life. Michael is self taught and currently concentrating on studio work and minimal lighting set-ups to better hone his skill. MG Photography has been published in multiple publications.​ As a husband and father of two, Michael yet strives to give his art the attention it demands. Currently a Photographer in Tucson and having lived on both coasts of the United States, in Germany, and traveled all over the world, Michael has ample life experiences to work from a diversified palette of subject matter and aesthetic to create a unique look and feel. Michael's objectives for the client is a professional yet comfortable setting which produces amazing images.


Published May 27th, 2011

While i am new to photography i wanted to take a chance and try to challenge myself with a project like this. My goal is to learn more about lighting using 1 to 2 flashes. So far the most challenging thing for me has been squeezing all this in and coming up with something creative. I do have plans to recreate some of my favorite photos to better understand the lighting uses. Stay tuned as this should be a fun adventure.

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