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I'm 46 years old. Born in Surrey, England & grew up in Greater London. My son Daniel was born in August of 1996 followed by my daughter Jessica in March 1998. Using a Pentax Espio 110 digital compact, they must have been the most photographed children in the country. This is when my interest in photography started to snowball. In 2005, as a family, we moved to East Sussex. Being surrounded by such a lot of stunning coastal landscape, namely beachy head, and seven sisters, amongst many other places, led my photographic journey to be primarily landscape based. Although It wasn't really until Christmas 2008 when my wife bought me a canon s5 IS bridge camera that my passion for photography really gained pace. I quickly moved onto the canon 350d SLR, then to my current canon 40d. (I'm currently working on convincing the wife that I REALLY need a 5d mkii). I've had numerous lenses, and I now have quite a catalogue of filters too.
Daniel Leader
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