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michael barkley

michael barkley



I was born in Ottawa Ontario Canada. I went to a high school that supported the arts (High School of Commerce). The photography teacher there was great. Being creative was the most important thing in the class and learning the elements of design. After that I went to Sheridan College for Applied Photography in the mid to late eighties. Yes, I find it hard to believe myself. Worked hard at it in Toronto. Assisting, working for magazines, newspapers, film sets, etc... Over the past 2 years I started my Street Photography Journey. I like the idea of being right in there close, and being part of what's going on. Blending a style of photojournalism and street photography at the same time. I'm torn between both of them. All the Magnum photographers have a big influence on me. My work was featured here That's me in a nut shell. I just found a great blog call so I joined. Some of my work is featured on other links Here are some of my favorite links for inspiration. Here is a great forum for street shooters

All the world a stage

Published May 21st, 2013

I started a project five months to shoot wider. I don't have a problem getting close to the subject. Needed to change things up a little.

Thought I would use the combination of light and background and the elements of design.

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Main street - Vancouver

Published August 8th, 2012

Main street is a diverse section in Vancouver. It's where Jimmy Hendrix lived when he was young, his parents are Canadian. Jimmy was born in Seattle but lived in Canada as a Child. As go down the street you run into China town. After that East Hastings. Lot of people on hard times there. There seems to be an interesting symbiotic relationship between the people of East Hasting and China town. This is the beginning of a project I am working on. In Vancouver, It rains and rains and rains. So there is little light. So chasing the light at the end of the day or early morning can be a challenge.

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Rush hour

Published February 23rd, 2012

Bringing my camera to work in the morning, I like to people watch. So I started to record what I was seeing.

I might be the only person around that likes rush hour.

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Published July 11th, 2011

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