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Michael Bilotta

Michael Bilotta

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Michael is an award winning conceptual fine art photographer from the Boston area in the U.S.A. All work is 100% photographic and the imagery is created as layered composites in Photoshop. Michael has a winning entry in Canon’s Project Imagination 2012, and his work has appeared in Practical Photoshop magazine and is the April 2013 Photographer of the Month in the Italian publication JC&Art Elite. Michael is the winner of Camera Obscura Journal's Outstanding Photo Award, Non-Professional category for his photo "Riddles In The Dark" as well as receiving Honorable Mention for "The Collective" in the Professional category. Through my art, I explore the inner terrain of the mind - the fears, the hopes, the personal and universal human condition expressed through metaphor and allegory. They are surreal dreamscapes, conceived by piecing the individual photographic images together one at a time. They usually begin instinctively, with no concept in mind, until one is revealed through the process of improvisation, and the concept is then fleshed out further once it forms. The people, places and objects in the imagery are taken separately, and with these raw pieces I assemble something that straddles both the personal and the symbolic, surrealism with something that is collective and focused. In my current work, I am exploring the individual at a crossroads in life, turning inward and facing who we are and what it means to be human at the fundamental level. I am using the guise of fantasy and surrealism to illustrate something meaningful and personal that speaks to me and hopefully resonates with others as well.
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