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Michael Martin

Michael Martin



Michael Martin is from the old school ideology of believing in dreams coming true.  A true expert in personal photography and model portfolio design, Michael is a true leader amongst his generation.  Michael has the undying drive and dedicated heart that puts his creativity in a very unique place. He would be best described as “a photographer after his clients heart” and all of that shows in his work. From his passion for design, his professional etiquette to his unending humor; Michael is the complete package. “I am about progression and new standards.” states Michael about his vision of photography. All of his movements through his work benefit society. Always looking to add new direction and visions to his work and having no fear of trying new ideas and angles, why not have a photographer behind the lenses with that vision. Michael always keeps a heavy work load.  As of November 4, 2010, he has worked with over 200 clients so far this year. Michael has a personal goal to shoot for major magazines and online resources and be featured in Fast Company Magazine. With him always presenting a great personality and his understanding of social media, he has a business goal to expand his business even more in 2011.   “I am going to put myself into every project that I touch,” states Michael. Personal Photography is a dream and a passion that someone like Michael Martin carries deep within his heart. It would be an asset for you to work with and utilize someone who has the determination, drive, and vision that you need to add you to the canvas of life. Michael Martin Photographer from First Impressions is YOUR photographer.
  • canon 5d mark 3
  • canon 5d mark 2
  • canon 6d
  • canon 7d
  • canon 60d
  • canon 40d
  • canon 17-40mm f4l
  • canon 130mm f2
  • canon 24-105 mm
  • canon 70-200mm
  • canon 50mm 1.4
  • canon 50mm 1.8
  • alien bee ring flash 800
  • flash point xplor 600

just bought me a canon 5d mark 2

Published July 2nd, 2012

omg im so so happy i cant wait till it ships can any one please tell me what i can expects from this camera. i been wanting a full frame for some years now. and i was able to save up just enough to get this mark 2 .. i want to know every thing . i bought all my lens glass first but what kind of cf cards are best for them . name and type even size. .. what are some tips that any one may have that will help me to better my craft .. i thank any one that even takes time to help me .. thank you all very much.. local photographer

Dream coming True

Michael Martin

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here is a film showcasing my craft

Published July 19th, 2011

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does it matter what you shoot with

Published July 15th, 2011

. hello im all digital like almost 85% of the world and i was just wondering. i have been shooting sine the age of 13 years old. i have see so much change over the years . and with that being said . i believe that you like what you like and you shoot what you shoot.. your eyes see things way different then some one else.. so i ask does it matter what camera you shoot with .

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