just bought me a canon 5d mark 2

Published July 2nd, 2012

omg im so so happy i cant wait till it ships can any one please tell me what i can expects from this camera. i been wanting a full frame for some years now. and i was able to save up just enough to get this mark 2 .. i want to know every thing . i bought all my lens glass first but what kind of cf cards are best for them . name and type even size. .. what are some tips that any one may have that will help me to better my craft .. i thank any one that even takes time to help me .. thank you all very much.. local photographer

Dream coming True

Michael Martin

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Michael Martin  over 4 years ago

really omg i cant wait.. is there any thing i should know about it . i hear all the stories about the focus issues.. but what about the cf cards is there a certain kind i should use. i think mine will ship to me on Thursday maybe Friday due to the holiday.. but thank you so very much for your help.

Rajat Kohli  over 4 years ago

Congrats :) Its a great camera.. u will surely enjoy it. I too got mine last month..