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does it matter what you shoot with

Published July 15th, 2011

. hello im all digital like almost 85% of the world and i was just wondering. i have been shooting sine the age of 13 years old. i have see so much change over the years . and with that being said . i believe that you like what you like and you shoot what you shoot.. your eyes see things way different then some one else.. so i ask does it matter what camera you shoot with .

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Michael Martin  over 6 years ago

thanks Steve.. i really belive that it dose not matter as well . but i have seen what a difference that they can make . it the work that you do .. and you are so right . so thank you very much.

Steve Parrott  over 6 years ago

The reality is, no it doesnt really matter what you shoot with. Having a good camera can help, but if you have the eye for composition, you can get a great pic with a cheap basic camera - its been done by the pro's many times