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Michael Mckinney

Michael Mckinney



I am a photographer based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I am well versed in many types of photography. Portraits, urban, product shots. Nature and wildlife. I leave no stone unturned in seeking out the most interesting view of a particular subject. If you have an event, wedding, portrait shoot or special project that needs a photographer please contact me at I also sell fine art prints of my work. If you wish to know more please contact me at the above email address for more details.

Wonderful world of macro

Published August 18th, 2012

Ever since I first took up photography I have been fascinated with macro photos. Getting up close and seeing the details that the human eye normally cant made me feel like I was peering into a mysterious other world.

Macro can be quite rewarding while also quite challenging, there are dozens upon dozens of different techniques which you can use to mesh with your own personal style and vision.

I had my first taste of macro with my DSLR and its 18-55 kit lens, I eventually picked up a 55-200 followed by a 70-300 and 50mm prime lens. It seems natural to think that with zooming can get you the closest and capture more detail, I quickly learned that you would get the best magnification by holding your camera closer to your subject. Eventually I also learned that you could produce outstanding results with a dedicated macro lens or alternatively at a smaller price extension tubes.

My first route was to go with the extension tubes. Essentially they are a hollow attachment that fits between ...

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My Fireworks techniques

Published July 20th, 2012

As many who have taken fireworks shots know it can sometimes be challenging to get them to turn out how you like them to. In talking to different photographers and enthusiasts it would seem that many have a different view of what they want. Some go for solid exposure while trying to keep highlights from blowing out, yet others want as many bursts in the shot as possible. Some want a stunning cityscape from which the fireworks burst forth into the sky.

My personal style aims for a few approaches. First I always want as much vibrant color and as many bursts as possible. Also depending on the situation composition can play a big factor, especially when working amongst a crowd. The way people appear and the surrounding scene appear in my shots is almost as important as the bursts themselves.

What I rely most on for fireworks are the fundamentals, tripod and remote shutter release is a must have. The right lens for the angle of view. Often I will work with a fixed lens as I have more fle ...

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First trip of 2012 to the Calgary Zoo

Published March 14th, 2012

Now that the weather is getting warmer albeit still inconsistent here in Calgary it was time to head back to the Zoo. This would also be my first time out with the Nikon D7000 that I just picked up. I packed a little heavy taking all my lenses and by the end of the day I had only managed to use my 70-300mm and 105mm macro.

I arrived around 10:30 in the morning with the sun shining and the wind pretty light I walked through the Canadian wilds taking the time to at least spot each animal as I went. Some like the Grizzly and Black bears were to sleeping soundly and not in the most photogenic moods it would appear. Perhaps in the warmer days of summer will be better to capture the pair of wolves which ran playfully back and forth in the distance before disappearing into an area I couldn't see.

I would find better luck as I crossed the bridge onto the island that makes up the bulk of the Calgary Zoo. The red pandas which I had rarely seen in my previous visits were out and about. One wou ...

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A day with the bride

Published January 29th, 2012

Last summer had the chance to experience my first wedding. I had never even been to one before, I was also going to be the photographer. It was my younger brother's wedding and it just so happened to be a Chinese wedding as well. No pressure right.

Fiona my brothers bride had me to follow her documenting her preparations for the special day. First stop was the hairstylist bright and early. Very stylish saloon, plenty of neat little vintage displays added to the feel of the place.

Traffic had us rushing to our next destination, the schedule we were on was pretty tight. We arrived just in time for Fiona to have her makeup done before being scuttled off to her parents house for the final step. The dress.

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Enjoying the sunrise

Published January 22nd, 2012

This was my 2nd time catching the sunrise on the hill just above Riley park and just below SAIT. Used my Nikon D90 with 105mm macro for these shots, such a versatile fun lens to use. Little bit chilly but well worth it.

Its big its clunky, it makes me carry 20 pounds of equipment. My DSLR just fell out of my backpack into the snow with 2 of my lenses. I was not even a block away from home, anxious to see my shots from the mornings adventure.

Zipper wore out on the bag....disaster averted though because DSLRs ARE durable!! So while trends push people towards smaller and smaller interchangeable lens cameras I would have to say if I had a small ILC with lenses with me today they would have not survived.

To top it all off I did have a Panasonic GF3 in my pocket that I borrowed from work to compare and test. The fact that it was small enough to fit in my pocket and that I did not have to keep it in my backpack probably saved that camera too.

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