Michal Krenz

it's not that i love photography. in fact - i don't even really like it. there are however feelings and meanings photography, or any other kind of art, can convey. if i have to get through the process of taking pictures to get there - so be it.

Born 1980, Gdansk, Poland, Michal Krenz has learned painting and graphic in Gdansk (Poland) and Berlin (Germany). He is also a trained architect, and his interests lie in the relationship between cities and the societies inhabiting them. In his art on various fields he explores that relationship (film ‘grunt unter berlin’, urban installation post-altana in Tczew, paintings and assemblages). He investigates internal reality using found objects with visible traces of deterioration which he sees as a metaphor evidence of personal experience. He examines places and objects with visible traces of use and deterioration – as an evidence of life that has taken place. In his ink drawings an idea of entropy reaches the fundamental laws
of one’s life, overshadowing one’s views and setting boundaries to one’s dreams. Yet there is a sense of (black) humor in these drawings, if not a hint of lightness of absurdity.
His works are in private collections in Poland, USA, Portugal, Chroatia and Germany.

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