i miss US, part 2.

Published October 8th, 2011

another city i fell in love from the very first sight, the fabulous Las Vegas. and its not all about casinos, clubs and alcohol - at least for me, since I'm not 21... yet:)

if you wanna travel around the world but have enough money only for one trip - go to Las Vegas. you''ll find everything you might want there (including the Eiffel Tower, Venice, Egyptian pyramids and New York), just make sure your flight lands after the sunset - there's nothing to do there at the daytime.

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I miss US. i miss San Francisco

Published October 7th, 2011

i left my heart in San Francisco, as millions of others. and that's the case where i do not afraid to be trivial.

i remember the magnet I've seen there saying "there may be no paradise, but there is always San Francisco somewhere". even though i am totally sure that there is a paradise, I still wanna go back to SF. love it, miss it, gonna come back.

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sailing the pond on the handmade boat? why not?!

Published September 17th, 2011

the beautiful sunny day makes people do some crazy things. but who cares? they are alive and they are in love.

so here're my friend and his girlfriend i was spying on today ;)

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