Published January 24th, 2014

when visiting Java Island in Indonesia, this mountain is a must to see. When first arriving in the city one must pay an entrance fee which is separate from the hotel fee. Then there are many villagers which will offer to pick you up from the hotel and drive you and your guests up the mountain at about 2am. The roads are very narrow and one needs a 4x4. After seeing the sunrise, they will drive you back down, and then to the bottom of the volcano which you will need to walk up a long stairway. They also have villagers on horses which will offer to take you from your 4x4 to the base of the stairway. The mountain is Located North of Malang which is about a 2 hour drive from Surabaya depending on the traffic. Then after our visit to Bromo we continued East to Bali, but it was a long drive and stayed one night in Banyuwangi before taking the ferry across to Bali

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