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Mike Dexter

Mike Dexter



The first time I picked up a camera was not a momentous moment of realisation for me, as it is for so many photographers. Actually I didn’t really enjoy it at all and, after snapping a few blurred and uninspiring shots, put the camera back in my dad’s backpack and continued along the trail. So it wasn’t the camera that led me down the path to where I am today but rather it was the regular excursions to local reserves that ignited an interest in the natural world that has blazed for as long as I can remember. With my parents and sister I hiked in the Drakensberg Mountains, sleeping in caves and showering under waterfalls, searched for game in many of South Africa’s national parks, explored remote beaches and dived on uncharted coral reefs. Later, when I started doing all this independently, I found I couldn’t express my experiences adequately with words when I got back home. This was when I became interested in photography. The first time I picked up a camera I was uninspired but now I had an objective; I wanted to share my experiences in the bush with those who weren’t lucky enough to be there for themselves. Over the years this objective has evolved so that now I aim to express the emotions that go along with these experiences in a unique and artistic way. My journey has brought me to Mashatu Game Reserve in the South Eastern tip of Botswana. A truly wild and majestic corner of Africa, Mashatu provides the ultimate location for wildlife photography. C4 Images and Safaris have recently installed a number of photographic hides on the reserve which create incredibly unique and novel angles that bring a stamp of originality to even the most photographed of subjects. My role here is taking photographers, serious amateurs and complete beginners for sessions in the hides as well as for photographic drives and workshops.
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