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Touch of light - A day in the field

Published February 19th, 2013

I was born in Piedmont, Italy in 1989. I’ve always loved nature and particularly alpine environment, this love soon became enjoying in taking photographs of natural landscapes.

Through my images I want to show the beauty of the Alps and the magical moments that nature can show us. With my photographs I want to give a little warning to those who believe in protecting natural environment. Through my work I hope to promote this kind of environment to those who doesn’t know it yet , and also photos are an invitation to follow the mountain trails in search of intense moments that nature can give us.

“Touch of Light” was born during a photographic trip to the Valle of Cerce (French Alps) precisely on the lake Cerces. I discovered this location with a friend and we immediately realized that we could take some interesting pictures there, so we decided to go there for taking some pictures. Before going to the Lake Cerces, we studied a few days the location and the organization.

We left home i ...

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