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Misty Dawn Seidel

Misty Dawn Seidel



I'm a Midwest-girl who now lives on a farm in rural Missouri. I find I best express myself through creative writing and nature photography. My nature photography includes wildlife, macro, fine art, sunsets, abstract, and landscapes. I also do some domestic animal and farm photography. As a child, I didn’t need to be told to go outside and play. I was already out there climbing trees to get closer to the birds, chasing butterflies to get a better look at their beauty, or walking through the woods hoping to catch a glimpse of some deer and squirrels. Strongly influenced by my outdoorsman father, I desired to not only learn more about Nature, I wanted to fit in and be a part of it. I wanted to experience the wonder of Nature… to speak with and understand the wildlife, to be overcome by the beauty of a flower’s details that most people don’t notice, to recognize the birds by their song… to experience it all on a level that others seldom do. That love of Nature, and desire to fully appreciate it, is brought into my photography. While attempting to photograph what I love, I’ve formed a stronger bond with my subjects. That bond is one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve been blessed with in my life. There are no words to explain the feeling of a mother fox and kit allowing me to photograph a tender moment between them or a Stripe-Winged Baskettail dragonfly allowing me to photograph it from all angles to get the sun reflecting off its wings. So often after one of these photography experiences, I realize I have been holding my breath. This is why I love photography. Not only do I hold my breath; Photography allows me to hold the moment… the sounds, the sight, the emotion, the wonder. I am often proud of my photographs, but I am always grateful for the experience. When photographing Nature, I see with my heart. When you view my photographs, I am opening my heart to you. Let me open my heart to you. "It's My Nature!"
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