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Help Portrait message to Jeremy Cowart

Published November 14th, 2011

'+Jeremy Cowart Thank you so much for making the Help Portrait project what it is. I am a photographer in a relatively small community but with a lot of heart. I make myself available through photography to our Education Foundation, United Way, Pink Tie Friends (Breast cancer organization), Mustard Seed (food Pantry and help network), The Van Duzer Foundation and several others. I love that I can give back through my photography skills.

An organization I had not yet worked with is called Counseling Recovery Center (CRC) in Fort Pierce, Florida. They are a very small rehab facility on a very tight budget 'in these economic times'. Because of the confidentiality of the residents I have never worked with them before. They were a large part of a family member's recovery process a few years back and she is doing great now and I credit them with a large part of her success as she still quotes some of the things she has learned while under their program.

I sent an email proposing the Help Por ...

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Who Owns What?

Published September 9th, 2011

I am not an attorney nor have I played one on TV.

I do consider myself fair when having to make a decision when I have all the facts. Now I am more confused than ever. I will share with you the following two legal cases so you have a foundation of information to assist in answering the question at the bottom.

Lately there has been a good amount of press within the photographic community regarding copyright. I know. I can hear the yawn from some of you. Give me the benefit of the doubt and read a little more because whether you are a professional photographer or not I will still ask your opinion at the end and I would like you to have all the facts.

A well known photographer, Jay Maisel, sued a little known one, Andy Baio for copyright infringement. The short version is that he used a photo Jay Maisel had taken many years ago of Miles Davis and manipulated it for a supposed charity CD. He secured the rights to the song but not the artwork. The story has been blown out of proportion by ...

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