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"mase wolf" his girlfriend and i went out to a newly erected retail strip. it was night and it actually didn't look that quite boring at the beginning, to be honest. but then i thought of a more beautiful place, like paris, and what it really was that distinguished a place like erlangen from paris. what it was that made paris so attractive. of course, architecture is one thing, but the most substantial differentiation criterion, according to my opinion, is the "mind share". meaning thoughts that make things matter. after all it is associations and connections that create meaning and beauty, culture and art. so i thought to myself, why not take a picture in erlangen i could as well have taken in paris and let the spectator's mind do the rest...

une boulangerie à paris

...which is a lie, because it's in erlangen, germany. however, "paris" makes it sound much more impressive... : P

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