DIY Profoto Globe

Published April 28th, 2012

Inspired by, $10 homemade Profoto Globe clone, $650 market price! Adapted for speedlites.

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Anatomy of a shot

Published April 22nd, 2012

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Photography and Zen

Published March 10th, 2012

Spring blossoms come and go, leaving their mark on the change of the season. Can we ever capture nature’s beauty with words? Can the essence of nature hold justice with such a human element?

To an artist, emotions are powerful to inspire. Give him emotions, he may express himself better, but take his emotions away, he may see things clearer. Is this not the essence of eastern poetry? Not just in haiku.

A falling leave. How beautiful it is. Can words signify the intensity an artist may feel when he sees? Its subtle movements in the air, its playfulness in the scattering wind, as it lightly touches the ground. Such a simple beauty, one without any human emotion.

The butterfly is perfuming

Its wings in the scent

Of the orchid.

I finally get Eastern poetry. A form of words that is completely free of emotions and human-ness. Of course, words are still human, we can never remove all of our influence in words. Can you compare the epic prose of Shakespeare to the simplicity of Basho haiku? ...

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Lumodi 18 inch Beauty Dish

Published March 4th, 2012

I highly recommend this beauty dish. It's light and built perfect for speedlites. It includes everything you need, and the well padded carrying case is excellent. Five star, highly recommended the Lumodi. See picture below, taken with the dish.

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Digital, the New vs. Old

Published February 23rd, 2012

This concept attempts to capture the contrast between the new and the old, the glamour, and our relationship with prints.

Model: Anh Phung Chung

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The Dislike system, 500px main flaw

Published February 22nd, 2012

Problem: Each like loses increasing values as you get more likes, and each dislike loses increasing values as you get more dislikes.

On the surface, this seems like a good logic, but here's the problem. 500px forgot the relativity of the votes.

Once you get to a score of 90, the impact of a Dislike is so high. You can lose 6 to 10 points on a single dislike, and by then. Since your likes are so devalued by then, you need at least 20 more Likes to regain your momentum. By the time you regain your momentum, the time decay drops your score by 11 points anyway.

My Suggestion:

Make Dislikes votes more relative. Instead of giving the first dislike so much value, why don't we have the first dislike go down relative in value to the previous Like. So if your last like added 0.5 points to your score, the next dislike will take that away.

This is much more Directional, and it makes sense.

I am not against the Dislike button, but the underlying scoring logic is no good. I love 500px, and I ...

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Published January 6th, 2012

I wonder how people understand photography and its fine art. the mood, the delicateness of a particular moment, the lighting and the photographer’s decision on how to frame the subject, in the end, if you don’t see your work as a painting, then you’re just taking random pictures and your passion won’t show in your photos.

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