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Mohamed Ȝbd-eltwab

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February 15, 2008

❶ Um Mohamed 3bd el Twab !! Only Friends Can CAlled Me Beka .

❷ Um 20 Years Old . Manosura University

❸ Um Single. Bas ma7Deshh byBat Mn 8eeR 3aSha :P :D

❹ I <3 My Friends . Special Mohamed Keshta .

❺ I <3 Photography . I <3 My Cam :Pp.

❻ I <3 Weal Jassar ♪♫♪♫ House Music ♪♫ Saven Up <3

I Hate

❶ Fake People ( Boys And Gurlz ) We el 3yail El SeeS Awi b2a :D

❷ I Hate Relationships !! Gurlz Made Me Mad O.O

❸ Hate W8ing

❹ Hate Tagging Me In Your Photos x_x

❺ Hate Fucken Groups

❻ Hate add me Wzout U Know Me !! U Can Sent Massage Before Add me


███ For Female

❶ when a guy adds u on FACEBOOK it means he wants to be ur friend
not ur husband .. that's why its called a ... friend request not a proposal !!!

❷ when a guy likes ur picture, that means he likes ur picture not U :Pp

❸ ALL GURLZ LIKE MA sister !! bas msh All awi ya3ny :D

❹ Blash Na :/

███ For Male

❶ Don`t Add Me Wzout Know me . Or I Will Kick your Ass

❷ Don`t talk to Be in Ma Wall in Bad Way

❸ Don`t Play Wz Me !! Cuz u Know I'm Playing Better Than U :)


Attention Please

❶When you meet someone you're attracted to, that's not a choice. That's chance

❷Single Is Not a Status It's a Word That Describes a Person Who Is Strong Enough 2 Live And Enjoy Life Without Depending On Other.

What does a girls profile pic tells u ;)
1. If she is very beautiful with 1000's of friends , its fake.
2. Her profile pic has lovely Katrina on it, she is shy,ugly or both.
3. There is a guy in the pic along with her, she is already booked.
4. There are more than one girl in the pic, she is most probably the ugliest one.
5. The pic is taken from a side angle of her face , she is most probably fat.
6. The pic is taken from far away , definitely not a fake profile, just try to zoom in with your eye lenses to figure out more of her.
7. The pic is of a baby, cake, heart or any other stupid thing, most probably a teen who needs to grow up.
8. A pic with a ugly face, Click the back button as soon as you can before anyone catches you red handed :)
9. A pic with a beautiful face and all profile info hidden, she is probably the one for you :P but don't be so excited, she wont accept your friend request.
Wats Urz Profile Pic :)

S I N G L E !
Doesn't Mean You Cant Find The Right Person ! Its Mean Hard To Catch You ;) ..


Thanx For ReaD.

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