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Mohamed Wagdy

Ozo ● LoaDinG : ■■■■■■■□□□

║║╔║║╔╗ ║
╠╣╠║║║║ ║
║║╚╚╚╚╝ ♥

●• i'm kind, lOve helpin' peOple..! ●•
●• sOme peOple tell me i shOuld start thinkin' abOut my self a little but my self first, i DK it's just me.. ;) ●•
●• i've been recetly tOld i'm funny but i'm nOt cOnvinced.. xD ●•
●• i hate it when peOple judge by appearance.. ●•
●• i dOn't care what peOple say abOut me..! wOrds have never been aN issue fOr me.. :] ●•
• crazy yeah..!
• pOsitive..
• full Of hOpe..
• rOmantic..
• i'm lazy in anythin', i dOn't like Or want..
• i'm nOt a bad persOn but i'm nO angel either..
• i'm really kind & fOrgivin..
• i appreciate & lOve music sO much..
●• i'm tOtally cOmpletely in lOve with my friends •• and i'm sO gratefull fOr them •• i'm very senseTive tOwards peOple i really care abOut •• and yOu can really break me •• Once i Really care and yOu Own that sPecial place in my hearT •• it's yOurs fOrever •• and yOu 'll alwaYs be sO sPecial tO me •• nO disTance Or time apart can chaNge that ●•
●• when i've prOblems i just keep talkin' abOut it till i feel better ●•
●• i'm sO hyPer and crazy when i'm in lOve •• and when i'm in lOve i give my all.. ♥ ●•
●• i believe in lOve frOm frist sight ●•
●• i'm Ohnest, dOn't like playin' games like peOple whO are super Ohnest & direct ●•
●• i dOn't care where i'm what i'm dOin' as lOng as i'm with sOme One i lOve ●•
●• i like tO let peOple knOw if i dOn't like em.. but i'm nOt capable Of
shOwin it by bein' mean Or sOmethin'.. unless u push me tOO far ●•
●• i haTe actin' •• i like shOwin' exactly hOw i feel abOut everythin' •• but recently i tend tO bOttle things uP •• preTend i'm all fine and happy cause i dOn't want my friends tO feel dOwn with me ●•

●• if yOu want tO knOw anyThin' abOut me, just ask me and i'll tell u :] ●•
& tx

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