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Torres Sunrise

Published January 20th, 2013

“ El Chileno Refuge “, 4.00 am – Waking up.

In the dining room of the cabin, with their headlamps switched on, a couple of tourists are making ready. I step out of the cabin and watch the sky. It’s a moonless night, the new moon phase actually, still beyond our visibility. The sky seems torn with splattering clouds. I can tell that on top, on the ridges, the wind shows off powerful blasts, while the valley is still keeping quiet. I hope we’ll be lucky enough to catch a good light at dawn. We have travelled thousands of kilometers and it would be a shame to miss one of the most spectacular sunrises in Patagonia: the one at Torres del Paine…

8 years ago, in the exact spot, at the bottom of the granite towers, I had (just by myself) one of the most incredible mountain experiences ever: a stunning sunrise that seemed to have appeared out of nowhere, after a light rain. It simply kept me under a rock slab for more than an hour…

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