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jo williams

jo williams



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Published May 6th, 2012

the last in the mountaineering ladybird series !!!

you will be pleased to know '6 dot' the ladybird managed to ascend and descend the allium flower head in reacord time just over 1 hour, please note this was a complete free climb with no assistance from ropes, ice picks or oxygen, a real acheivement in the ladybird world !! his altitude record will probably be beaten in the next day or two as the allium is still growing about 10mm a day.

On returning to the base of the allium '6 dot' celebrated his amazing achievemenyt with old 10 dot and his son 4 dot, the three of them were last seen leaving the jasmine area heading home after a wonderful day, i am sure 6 dot will sleep well tonight......

I have been asked by a follower if 6 dot or his friends/family will be entering the olympics ?

"Mo, thanks for taking the time to read about ' 6 dots' amazing day in my back garden, unfortunatly The allium will be in full bloom during the olympic month and will be far to dangerous to climb, gene ...

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