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I see myself as a observer of the world around me, I started taking photographs from a young age as a way of recording things that I liked. I didn't start to take it more seriously until my teens when it helped me escape a life of crime.

Photography quickly became a part of how I am and helped me express my view of the world and a way to express myself. I quickly progressed through education and got a job before leaving university.

To me my is not just a shelf portrait of who I am but it a record of the world that I see and live.

My work is inspired by my heroes Weegee, Helmut Newton, Rankin, Lee Friedlander to name a few, because of this I know I have a passion in documenting the world around whether that be sex, building, fashion or people just doing their thing.
I try not to edit my work to much I like it to be as close to what I see through the lens, I try to work with natural daylight as much as possible. My style is like me it's pretty relaxed I let the people I work with take lead I have an idea or concept and then watch how it plays out. This world can be chaotic, the concept of beauty is often confused with external extras and ideals that don’t matter. My work is really about claiming those spaces back within ourselves from societies grip and judgement. Allowing us to explore the concept of possibility again. To see a new beauty that is internal, instinctive and sincere.
In 2011, I came back to photography after a long break and a new passion for erotic photography changed my artistic path. This grew out of my love for the nude and all the things that it could represent. alongside urban exploration. They both remind me of my passion for the things that society takes for granted our natural beauty and the abandoned spaces that drove change. The nude is such a blank canvas, like the abandoned space. They create a perfect set for ephemeral stories, The nude is the opportunity to express passion, emotion and the freedom of comfort within their own skin. This beauty is enhanced and developed in an original way it could be peculiar or elegant, refined or provocative, Challenging stereotypes & conceptual ideals. I love the fascinating and disturbing, offering something new, another vision, and new emotions. I like to challenge the societal dogma, the normal, the everyday that robs of our true beauty.
I have always been fascinated by an abandoned buildings & spaces, I was intrigued by these places that were inhabited by people but over time was reclaimed by nature. People & places have a true story on their own, Everything has a history, A story to be told, An emotion to share. I aim to do is create a new story for a few hours. I want to create an atmosphere, a space to share of things we almost always miss

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