I decided to go back to some weddings :)

Published May 18th, 2013

Hi boys and girls, It's been a long time since I've done a wedding…I took a year off, been travelling a lot, attended seminars, workshops and basically working on improving my skills even more! Well, now I'm back better than ever!

A lot of photographers hate weddings, I guess the reason is they never did one in a form of a reportage in their own style.

My concept about weddings is simple, just give me the chance to do it in my own way, cause then I will give you 100% of myself :)

What is my way?

well check link below :)




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A project, need help.

Published December 1st, 2011

So it is time for me to start doing my Graduate project, and it will involve you, my virtual friends.

So I need volunteers that are willing to pose nude, and remember u can be anywhere in the world (the reason I'm writing this in english). The photos will be exhibited in galleries and if possible will be available online to promote the whole project and exhibits. For more details please contact me through private message or through my mail: tomislav.moze@gmail.com

Any gender and body type is welcome as long you are 18+

thank u in advance for helping me finish my MA study :)

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