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Mars Ayane

Greetings, one and all....

Published December 21st, 2011

I would like to thank everyone for their words of encouragement I have received on my photography. Frankly, I have been able to work with some outstanding models, which makes my work much easier.

I don't see many blog posts from other photographers, so I will try to comment on my postings in the future. Maybe this will start a trend.

I spent about 8 hours with Valentine in 2010. That was the most amazing time; from those 8 hours I have thousands of images and most are fantastic. Some are natural light, others were shot with one light. Even more were shot with only the 100 watt modeling light during candid moments. The shot of Valentine on the floor was done with natural light only, coming from a window high and behind Valentine spilling onto the floor. Lovely.

Brynn Cook is a superb model. Always willing; always with a smile and easy to laugh. I love shooting with her. I find her looks to be many and all of them to be outstanding. Anytime she comes to my area, I am game to shoot wi ...

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