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The Cinemagraph a still photograph with motion

Published June 6th, 2014

It not possible to display Cinemagraphs here please visit my blog on my website to see them in motion.

A Cinemagraph is a still photograph which has a small element that moves, normally repeating. These images are starting to appear every where in TV advertising, TV programme trailers and Video Bill boards etc.

You can make them using a series of photographs and animating them, or use a video clip; the easiest way is the video clip. Most DSLRs will shot good quality video as will most mobile phones. All you need is a video clip with some kind of action that will repeat and look natural when seen as a looped video clip for around a five or six second duration.

I was out at the weekend primarily to shoot some insect macro shots but it was a typical English summers day, damp and wet and not an insect in sight. I had been walking around our local nature reserve for about an hour when I gave up on the insects and decided to give making a Cinemargraph a go.

I thought I'd st ...

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