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Self taught millionaire, still learning the process I have ten dollars now and working on more. I have found it to be a slow process. I think patience must be the key, as every day I try to hold on to one more penny . In the mean time if anybody wants to buy one of my photographs to move me a head faster to my good fortune please do so!! As you notice i do not ask for money from millionaire's as that's why they are still millionaire's , so if any other misfortunate souls would be willing and able to purchase a one of a kind msleddogtom original, please feel free , just don't put yourself in the poor house doing it. I would feel guilty about that and that's no way to make a Good Fortune. I don't want a Bad fortune!!! Im also a self taught photographer so please be kind in any comments, unless you have very good thoughtful critique. I can take that , as that might help me move along to great fortunes. A wealth of knowledge is as good as being a billionare !!! You might not be able to eat with it but nobody can take it away either.
  • nIkon D80,Nikon D50, d200
  • Nikon 75-300mm Nikon 35-70mm. promaster 18-24mm , Nikon 55mm macro

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