Michael T

If I had it all to do over again . . . I'm a lawyer by day. Can't say I regret the choice because I love the artistry of the spoken and written word as much as I do the artistry of what we see with our eyes. I happen to be better at the former. Nevertheless, I'm finding that I enjoy photography more and more as time goes on leading me to wonder of late if I made the right career choice. Either way, I occasionally find time for both. I don't have a specialty, a style or a even a genre that I prefer. If its there, well its there, and someone should find a way to capture it. And then, someone should share it. I'm still in search of . . . the image. Something that transcends whatever this is we experience each day. While I believe I've seen images that transcend our common experience, I'm quite sure I haven't captured such a thing. But, others have and for that I am grateful for they have shown me that it might be possible for me to do so some day as well. For now that is enough. And, well, it keeps me humble each time I see that someone else has captured a moment beyond our time; our shared and common moments. What a gift that is when it happens.

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