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Kimberley Logan

Kimberley Logan



Life is measured in moments and we get just so many beautiful ones. Perfect and fleeting, they appear and disappear in an instant. A photographer sees the world in these moments. They look past the morning traffic and notice the cloud formations or the autumn trees. They watch the faces of children as they play. They watch for flashes of color to look for birds in the branches. They are not only able to seek out these moments and photograph them but they are able to capture the emotion and spirit of the moment to truly share with others. Through this experience, photography has been a blessing. I am thankful to each and every one of the photographers who have shared their beautiful moments with me. My life is richer for it. In learning photography, I am learning to recognize the beauty in life. The world is seen in colors and contrasts. Storms are seen as opportunities instead of nuisances. Life is embraced and these fleeting moments are recognized and enjoyed. I am learning more about myself in this process than I ever imagined. This site is my journey in photography. I hope you enjoy seeing the moments of my life.
Marcello Bardi
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Thorsten G.
Photos 427
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Dave Burwell
Photos 13
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Matthew Nuttall
Photos 153
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Fredrik Granlund
Photos 123
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Shelby Land
Photos 17
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Chris Whittle
Photos 164
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Photos 72
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Willem Verboom
Photos 295
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Ted Boyer
Photos 184
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