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Drenched in landscapes

Published June 13th, 2013

I was so in need of a day to just go out and do some much needed landscape photography for the soul. Lately I have been really busy, trying to push out our game, Forza Motorsports 5 for the much acclaimed E3 conference. Now that it's done, I got to take a day off any enjoy this beautiful landscape of Nisqually, WA. It was an instinctive drive on an overcast day that became one of the most amazing evening for 2 reasons.

One, I got to photograph some incredible ballet of light, rain, wind and the stormy looming cloud cover. But more than that, the second reason made this evening all the more special. As we were hiking around, we came across two old Barns where there were hundreds of nesting swallows. And right next to them was a photographer, who was photographing the swallows feeding their young. We stopped and had a chat. Soon, we discovered how we shared very similar philosophies when it came to photography and in no time, we were a trio of friends out to take some fantastic shots of ...

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Bon Voyage

Published June 3rd, 2013

I love the time I go on the Ferry. It's such a refreshing ride, especially on a sunny day with just the right amount of clouds in the sky. These photos were taken during many such trips with my lovely lady. I tried experimenting with multiple exposures quite a lot in this series. Never really thought I would enjoy it so much. It reminds me of juxtaposing compositions when I shoot reflections of glass and a subject through that same glass. I had a lot of fun shooting these, hope you enjoy them just as much! Enjoy!

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Leaflets and droplets

Published January 8th, 2013

I love rain! One of the reasons why I moved to Washington state, USA is because it rains here pretty often. So it was only quite natural for me to step out of the warm cozy comfort of my home into the cold gardens, to capture some images of water droplets and leaves harmoniously weaving their visual elegance, in sync with each other. Check them out and let me know what you think!

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Fox on the prowl

Published October 13th, 2012

One of the greatest rewards a wildlife photographer can get is when an animal accepts his presence and begins to behave and go about doing its business as if the photographer was never even there. I was lucky to experience this when I went hiking at the Mt. Rainier National Park this Summer. I came across this amazing Cascade Red Fox, which is unique to the Cascade mountain range of the Northwest.

I was lucky to watch and photograph this wild animal hunting. One of the most unforgettable experiences while hiking in the Northwest.

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Adrift in the ocean

Published August 27th, 2012

Jellyfish are probably some of the most unusual and mysterious creatures that you'll ever encounter. With their gelatinous bodies and dangling tentacles, they look more like something from a horror movie than a real animal.I had the fortune to see these animals up close at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Check out these monochromatic images of the oceans drifters!

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My iphone and the "Streets of Life"

Published August 18th, 2012

The iphone is one of the most amazing inventions of our times since the invention of the automobile. It is the perfect street photographer's digital camera, atleast in my book. It lets me go close to my subjects and shoot them in situations that are not easy to shoot in. The minimalistic approach of just framing and clicking adds to the uniqueness of the tool, and all you have is the moment and composition with subtle plays of light and shadow, which you can use to tell your story. These are some photographs that I have taken on my iphone4 and procesedin-phone using the snapseed app, while wandering "The streets of Life"(Thanks to John Free, for that quote).

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Love in Spring

Published August 16th, 2012

It was back in the spring of 2012 that Ryli and Kayla contacted me to be the photographer for their engagement and later for their wedding. It was a sunny day at Discover Park, Seattle so we waited till the sunset for some golden hour light. It was truly a pleasure to see two souls totally in love, just being themselves in front of the camera. As a photographer that what I strive for, to get those moments of pure love and togetherness, when I shoot an engaged couple. Check out these images and see for yourself what a lovely couple these two make!

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Streets of Seattle

Published August 13th, 2012

Seattle : The city by the shore of the Puget sound with culture just as colorful as the nature surrounding it's existence. Walking around this city, I am always awe-struck at the sheer diversity of structures and life surrounding them. The streets of Seattle have different faces, here is an attempt to capture them on camera. Shot on the Nikon V1, a cheap camera for the aspiring street photographer.

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Salsa at the beach!

Published August 13th, 2012

It was a hot hot summer Saturday at Seattle, when my lovely lady suggested a trip to the beach. I was willing to jump into the cold waters of Alki Beach, to cool off from the burning heat, blame my apartment on the fourth floor and having just one window and having no a/c. So we end up on the beach and after being in the water for most part of the day, we checked out the open air beach salsa event that was happening there. It was an amazing gathering of beautiful, talented and passionate people, doing what they love to do the most...dancing till they drop dead tired! The fading light, fast pace and sheer energy in the air brought in just one thing into my mind. Pick up the camera and dive right into the middle of the crowd! And what happened after that, is right here for you guys to check out!

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Seagulls : Up close and Personal

Published August 2nd, 2012

I am always fascinated by photographing rare moments up close. So I wanted to dump my telephoto lens and embrace a wide angle approach, to shoot perspectives that are seldom seen. So I decided to leave my SLR at home and march out with my mirrorless camera, a NIkon V1 with a 10mm lens attached to it. Mind you, this camera's sensor has a crop factor of 2.7, so in effect I am shooting at 27mm. Still pretty wide I would say.

Walking by the dock along with a good friend of mine, I was really hoping to catch something different. And lo! I stumbled upon a flock of seagulls that were going crazy as they were being fed by the locals. I didn't waste a second, I rushed up to the birds and started snapping away. I am fairly happy with these images as they did to a certain extend quench my thirst to shoot these creatures from an unseen perspective, I guess it worked. Let me know what you guys think!

Signing off,

Mukul Soman

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