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The voting system

Published February 19th, 2012

The way photos are rated on this site is frankly rather baffling.

My image "Heart" has been viewed 38 times, has one vote, no comments and no faves so it has a rating of 27. By contrast "Talitha" has been viewed 27 times has one vote, one fave and one comment and is rated 59.7. "Ravello" which I uploaded yesterday proved to be rather popular with 387 views, 26 votes and 20 faves over a period of about 18 hours, it peaked at 93.3 late last night and despite more faves overnight has now fallen back to 83.7 this morning.

How does this system work? It would appear that the more people vote the lower the value of each vote in calculating a rating. I have never come across a system before where increased popularity actually works against you. I would love to understand the logic behind the calculations.

I know on the "Help" section this has been raised before and that the support team have gone some way towards trying to explain the algorithm used but it is beyond me and it is one of the very few flaws in an otherwise excellent site.

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