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Jeremy E. Evans

Jeremy E. Evans



Muybridgephotos Credo It was not until an experiment in sound till I was posed with that effervescent question of being. The question that forces one to liquidize the mind and establish a state of tabula rasa, thus, allowing an answer to materialize with the utmost satisfaction of not being contaminated by conscious or unconscious motives. So, what is this superfluous quandary that I desire to be left uncorrupted? The tension builds, but instead of a denouement, I release this statement, "Does a question possess any importance if it is an answer for which one searches? A beginning remains a beginning, but an ending always changes." Truly a noble statement on its own, but nonetheless it is a statement that deserves a beginning if it is a conclusion that is wished to be uncovered. So I ask whole-heartedly - Can originality still be found?
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