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Marco  van der Waerden

Marco van der Waerden



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  • 5D
  • 750D
  • 24-105 L IS
  • 28-70 3,5-4,5
  • 10-18 mm STM
  • 100 MM 2.8 USM
  • 17-50 DC HSM OS
  • 50 MM 1.8
  • 70-200 F4 L
  • 24 MM 2.8
  • 17-40 L USM
  • Rollei Traveller Pro

Wilsons Promontory

Published March 3rd, 2012

This photo is taken at Wilsons Promontory national park. We were hiking in this national park and walking through a small forrest when we saw strange marks on the ground. We thought it was from the trees so we didnot notice it anymore. But when we arrived at the beach we saw the marks again and there were no trees. Strange we thought but we made some photo's and went back. We were talking and I was walking about 4 meters for my friend when I saw a black snake with a red Belly. Called how simple can it be The redbelly snake;-). My friend dit not believe me. But a few minuts later he saw one to. So know you now what the strange marks in the sand are. I read the redbelly snake can not kill you but have to go to the hospital to get a antidode. This was the secound time I incountered a snake in two weeks in Australie. The outher time was when I went to Flinders Rangers at Sint Marrie Peak, But this was a Deadly snake if het bit me i would be dead. But that is a nother story.

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