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Personal Webpage vs 500px portfolio

Published June 14th, 2011

Just signed to 500px. So far really like it. It won't compete with Flickr for a number of reasons (groups is one of them), but it actually competes with my own homepage and possibly with my blog.

I currently have my webpage hosted by the soon-to-be-dead .Mac (.Me) service. Although the site is made with iweb, the nice thing is that all my galleries are uploaded straight from Aperture, which makes my site update process very easy.

I am considering closing my website and moving to 500px (upgraded version). Downside is that there is no Aperture Plug-in to export/upload directly into 500px.

I wonder what have been your experience with 500px and if you use it just as an adjunct to your regular website. Can you see it as a replacement?

Any thoughts appreciated!

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Rafael Perini  over 6 years ago

Thank you for your input Keith. I just wish it would be a bit more easy to upload the files.

KRowland Pictures  over 6 years ago

I'm considering using 500px for my main photo site, since it offers sharing and getting comments, portfolio tied to my domain, blogging, such that you just did and sales through fotomoto, which has worked for me in the past on my own site.

500px can only improve to include sets, groups, messaging etc. I'm actually going over the pros and cons to being exclusive here. Since I can still post out to Facebook and Twitter, isn't that all there is?

I'm still wondering about the SEO of 500px, I don't want to lose the ranking I already have in Google with my dedicate site.