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A million promises were made and broken, A million memories were lived. I held my hand up to touch the light, Even as my soul put up the last fight And as I look at you with broken wings, And with the hope that only death brings. I see the smile that plays on your lips, And I know that I see betrayal in your eyes. So, yes my friend I die today, But I want you to know That as I breathe my last breath , The sun still shines on me … … For I did love and for love I die today. - N.~~~~~~~~~~~~ Inspired by http://500px.com/photo/8376422 For an eternity I waited For an eternity I ached My very soul bled in silence And as I lay there the heavens wept For the stars knew what my fate was to be They knew that to suffer was my destiny I suffered the agony of the never ending wait And as I breathed my last It suddenly occurred to me That the voice I heard in the distance was yours But he who you called for was not me ! ~~ N.
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