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You are Cordially Invited to View My Thought Process, but Beware the Dog

Published February 28th, 2012

Just a quick conglomeration of my recent photo/paintings, starting with a dream, moving on to a nightmare,then over to a daydream, then onto a cave wall, and so on and so on and so on, ad nauseum- These were all conceived on the east side of morning- the period between waking and sleep. All start off with a photo taken by myself, then they are processed in several programs, DAP, Photoshop, Corel Painter Essentials, Nik software etc- some are all hand painted, some are only partially hand painted, but all are quite different than the original photo.

This is a trip through the wilderness of my mind- along the way, expect to see things that make you say "Huh? Why am I here? And why can't I leave? How is it possible for one story to have such power over me? Where are My car keys? Did I let the dog out this morning? Why did My boss fly off the handle when Sandra asked for the Stapler? Is the Mongolian Death Worm a real creature? If 2+2=4, why aren't there more 4's on more doors in my neck of the woods? When geese fly south for the winter, do they really fly all the way south? Or do they sneak back up north and laugh at all the long faces on those who love geese? (or at least love down filled pillows)?"

These are all important questions, and kudos to You if these type questions infest the darkest regions of Your mind. I hope this little story will help to answer some of those questions for you... If Not- L Oh well (LOL for those who need the abbreviated version)

An International

Harsh lights and toxic chemicals are a small price to pay for a couple years of fame I suppose

  • September 11th, 2009
  • Nikon D700
  • 24mm / f/8 / 2/5 sec

Original Aborigin

A depiction of an Aboriginal cave painting in which the artist accidently projected an image of himself into the scene, or so he claims- others think he was vain!

  • Focal Lengmm / f/Apert / Shutter Sp sec

Shades of Blue

If I could stare at beauty for only an hour, that would no doubt be enough to help me through until the end... unless of course soemthing more beautiful were to come along... in which case I'd forget all about the previous beauty I had been so enamured with

  • Focal Lengmm / f/Apert / Shutter Sp sec

I've got the 300 mph Category 4 Tropical Storm Blues

Subtle color is how I roll- I make no apologies and will defend my right to shout out loud as quietly as I like- If you hear a barely audible squeek, it's probably me trying to get my message across

  • January 4th, 2012
  • Canon EOS 7D
  • 38mm / f/7.1 / 1/8 sec

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John Barclay  over 5 years ago

Cool series. Like it.

Nazareth 434  over 5 years ago

Thank You John