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Neil Arcus

Neil Arcus



i would probably call myself a strobist , i am all self taught in the field of strobing trust me i have made a million mistake and i make them every time i shoot but i just love working with flashguns . My Intent on my photography There are a few people who might not understand my intent, so here goes on me trying to be articulate and trying to describe what my photography is all about. My main goal is to make a name for myself with off-camera flash work- 'strobing'. I have openly admitted to being obsessed with light (any kind), but as late, I have been taking pictures of stunning models, mainly stripped to a glamour look . To me this is more of a glam/fash look. I mainly try to spark peoples thought process, by showing a model semi-naked, but with all the sexual parts covered, and leave this to the imagination. To me, some people might be slightly offended by the pictures I take -i.e. a stunning model holding her naked breasts or standing in her underwear, but I have proved a point to myself that taking a picture of a stunning woman in a polo neck jumper and combat pants does not provoke any reaction whatsoever. I want people to come back not once, or twice, but 3 or 4 times to have a look. You must admit there are some people who 'look' at a picture and there are people who 'see' the picture, there is a massive difference ......Always working to a brief, the brief will be my own, as I research the look I am going for, then the backdrop or location, then I liaise with the model- we exchange pictures and thoughts. As late I have found myself trying to mimic famous people a little bit ....but on all of my pictures, there is plenty of planning and thought that goes into them, even if they turn out shite!! hahahaha ....felt good trying to explain this not only to you's- but to myself FACE TIME 07515994947
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