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Never Edit

Never Edit - no real name given because I don't want my nosey neighbours checking on me - means I like the street as it is and don't want to turn my photos into digital paintings. Therefore I hardly crop or edit the photos in any way.

Ever since I can remember, I loved watching people: their uniqueness, their multiple expressions, emotions and behaviour. Often I had the urge to take a photo of somebody but back then I neither had the guts nor the gear to do it. In 2013, I came across the term "street photography" and I thougtt YES!!!
I exchanged my little Canon Ixus 50 to a newer model and started snapping away, not knowing anything about the so-called rules. Only a few photos turned out good, but I never gave up and have been taking thousands of photos since because I just cannot stop doing it. Maybe one day I will take the perfect photo - until then, I keep trying!